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sábado, 25 de marzo de 2017

Billy Taylor • Four Flutes

Review by Scott Yanow
In the 1950s, pianist Billy Taylor was best known for his work with his trios. For this Riverside set (reissued on CD in the OJC series) Taylor tried something different, writing arrangements for four flutists (including Frank Wess, Herbie Mann, and Jerome Richardson), his rhythm section, and the congas of Chino Pozo. The flutists get their opportunities to solo, and the music (which includes "The Song Is Ended," "St. Thomas," "Oh Lady Be Good," "How About You," and four of Taylor's originals) is essentially bop, but the unusual instrumentation gives the set its own personality. Enjoyable music that certainly stands out from the crowd.

Tracklist Show Credits
A1 The Song Is Ended 3:49
A2 Back Home 6:15
A3 St. Thomas 2:28
A4 Lady Be Good 4:40
A5 No Parking 2:53
B1 Koolbongo 4:18
B2 Blue Shutters 6:54
B3 One For The Woofer 4:42
B4 How About You? 4:51

Bass – Tommy Williams
Congas – Chano Pozo
Piano – Billy Taylor 

Recorded At – A&R Studios
Recorded in New York City; July 20 and 24, 1959.

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