egroj world: Baja Marimba Band • Baja Marimba Band

lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Baja Marimba Band • Baja Marimba Band

A1 Comin’ In The Back Door 2:14
A2 Up Cherry Street 2:04
A3 Maria Elena 2:48
A4 Pedro’s Porch (Part 2) 2:44
A5 Baja Nights 2:25
A6 Charade 2:30
B1 Moonglow (Picnic Theme) 2:12
B2 Acapulco 1922 2:07
B3 Maria’s First Rose 2:46
B4 Samba De Orpheu 2:55
B5 December’s Child 2:07
B6 Back To Cuernavaca 3:02

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