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viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Ari Seder • Organ Trio

Chicago-based jazz guitarist Ari Seder releases his second album featuring eleven original compositions of straight-ahead jazz with material ranging from slow ballads to some hard-driving rhythms. This recording is one fine session of fresh new jazz delivered by a very capable trio. Seder is joined here by drummer Darren Scorza and Paul Mutzabaugh on the organ. While this is clearly a Seder project with the guitar featured in the lead, organist Mutzabaugh plays a very prominent role in this recording, hence the title of the album Organ Trio.

There’s a terrific variety of jazzy tunes that grabs your attention like the second number "Big Plans," a very catchy melody containing crisp guitar work from the leader accompanied by sharp play by the organist. The group slides into a faster pace with the swinging "Not Alone" revealing an outstanding performance by Seder. In contrast, the music slows down with the beautiful ballad of "The Routine." Another warm and soft piece of music that goes to the heart is the enchanting "Impossible."

The list of splendid music goes on to include the light ballad of "Down Time," in which Mutzabaugh takes center stage with his play, the lively pick up beat of "With Visions" and the melancholy sounds of "Cloudy" just to name a few. All together these clever compositions combine to make one nice package of rhythm-based music that will appeal to the aficionado and the average jazz fan alike. Organ Trio has all of the elements that will make this a successful effort, great writing, excellent musicianship and a sound that deserves to be heard. Kudos for Mr. Seder and his marvelous trio.
Edward Blanco,

"The musicians sound inspired by the fresh material and while the individual solos are colorful, it is the interplay between the musicians and the appealing ensemble sound that makes Organ Trio....well worth acquiring." ~Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

"'s easy to hear Wes Montgomery's sense of economy, Pat Metheny's sense of melody, and Grant Green's sense of groove. Add to that the tasteful organ playing of Paul Mutzabaugh and the grooving drums of Darren Scorza, and you've got a band that can play it's collective tail off." ~Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine

Ari Seder - guitar
Paul Mutzabaugh - Hammond B-3 organ
Darren Scorza - drums

1.Try It - You'll Like It (4:42)
2.Big Plans (5:32)
3.Almost (6:48)
4.Note Alone (5:49)
5.The Routine (7:45)
6.Cabin Fever (7:41)
7.Cloudy (7:20)
8.Impossible (7:09)
9.Down Time (5:41)
10.With Vision (4:41)
11.A Dark Place (4:43)

Year Released: 2006
Record Label: Self Published

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