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The Invaders • Spacing Out

The Invaders was a top Funk and R&B band in the island of Bermuda during the late 1960s.

The Invaders was started by Ralph Richardson in Bermuda in 1968. In 1969, the band produced its first hit 45, "Spacing Out", written by Richardson, which made it to the top of the Bermuda charts and remained there for several weeks. Within a few months, the band produced its first album with the same title. Both 45 and album were underwritten by Eddie De Mello.

By late 1969, Phillips Recording Studios in the UK offered the band a six-month tour of Europe and a recording contract. By 1970, the band, whose members where then part time musicians, decided to call it quits.

A1 It's Your Thing
A2 Lost Time
A3 The House That Jack Built
A4 Look A Py Py
A5 Bossa Blue
B1 Spacing Out
B2 Where We Are
B3 Latin Lips
B4 It's Your Thing Part 2

Ralph Richardson, Sr - Trumpet
Sturgis Griffin Jr - Congas
Lloyd Williams - Alto Sax / Flute
Artie Simmons - Tenor Sax (Guest)
Stan Gilbert - Bass
John Burch - Guitar
Mike Stowe - Drums

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