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martes, 21 de febrero de 2017

Organ Explosion • Organ Explosion

Keyboard wizard Hansi Enzensperger and his colleagues Ludwig Kloeckner (bass) and Manfred Mildenberger (drums) locked themselves in a studio for three months with a Hammond organ, electric bass, and a Ludwig drum set with Rhodes, Clavinet, Space Echo, and Wurlitzer. In other words: with all the vintage treasures they could lay their hands on!
A rousing debut album that blasts the 70s sound aesthetic into today musical landscape.
Melodies for millions, with the sex of funk, the dirt of the blues, a punk attitude, and the freedom of jazz.

1. Strange Normal (5:06)
2. Sneeky (5:55)
3. Mimi Lotta (7:41)
4. Kaesehoch Drei (5:05)
5. Gear Down (6:35)
6. Dark Heaven (5:12)
7. Kung Fu Funk (6:37)
8. Momi Lokes Her Boy (8:00)
9. Organ Explosion Supershow (6:03)

Total Time: 56:28 min

HANSI ENZENSPERGER, Orgel (B3, Wurli, Moog)

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