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viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

The Dave Brubeck Quartet • Bossa Nova U.S.A

Review by Scott Yanow
With the popularization of bossa nova in the early '60s, practically every recording artist had to have at least one bossa nova album. This effort by the Dave Brubeck Quartet is better than most due to the high quality of the compositions, of which the title cut is best-known. The date's two standards ("This Can't Be Love" and "Trolley Song") also fare well on this upbeat session.

Track Listings
1. Bossa Nova Usa
2. Vento Fresco (Cool Wind)
3. Trolley Song
4. Theme For June
5. Coracao Sensival (Tender Heart)
6. Irnao Amigo (Brother Friend)
7. There'll Be No Tomorrow
8. Cantiga Nova Swing
9. Lamento
10. This Can't Be Love

Dave Brubeck – piano
Paul Desmond – saxophone
Joe Morello – drums
Eugene Wright – double bass

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