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martes, 24 de enero de 2017

The Chicago String Band • Chicago String Band '66

Review by Scott Yanow
This is a particularly intriguing project, for producer Pete Welding in 1966 gathered together four veteran Chicago blues musicians (three of whom were playing electric blues at the time) and had them re-create the style of a 1920s/'30s string band. Carl Martin (60 at the time) was part of the original era, and he is heard on violin and guitar. Also featured in different combinations are Johnny Young on mandolin, guitarist John Lee Granderson, and John Wrencher on harmonica; all four musicians have their spots taking vocals. The music is very much in the early tradition, and the music is both spirited and delightful.

Tracklist1. The Sun Is Sinking Low 3:41
2. Trouble On Your Hands 4:31
3. Weeping & Moaning 2:48
4. You Know I Do 2:17
5. Hoodoo Blues 3:53
6. You Got Good Business 2:22
7. Take It Easy Baby 3:33
8. I Got To Find That Woman 1:53
9. Clean Cut Mama 3:57
10. Railroad Blues 3:03
11. Don't Sic Your Dog On Me 2:24
12. John Henry 2:42
13. Memphis,Tenn.,1939 Blues 4:16
14. Bye Bye Pete 3:55

John Lee Granderson - Guitar,Vocals
Big John Wrencher - Harmonica
Carl Martin - Guitar,Violin,Vocals
Johnny Young - Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals

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