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jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Ron Levy-Karl Denson-Melvin Sparks • Finding My Way

"The best we've heard so far from funky organist Ron Levy -- working here with some real heavy hitters, including saxophonist Karl Denson and guitar jazz legend Melvin Sparks! The grooves are lean and clean -- stepping forth with a solid power that recalls the glory days of the funky Hammond combo, and done by Ron in a style that pays more than enough homage to those who have gone before, but which also has a strong voice that's all his own! Loads of great original tracks -- with titles that include "Steady Like Freddy", "I Try & I Try", "Best Cookies", "Cuch Cuch", "Finding My Way", "Some Sorta Blue", and "Exfiled"."
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1. I Try & I Try
2. Best Cookies [In the Neighborhood]
3. Steady Like Freddy
4. The Wes Side
5. Exfiled
6. Cuch Cuch
7. Some Sorta Blue
8. Finding My Way
9. Spangled Star Boogaloo (bonus track)

Ron Levy – composer, producer, organ, piano, electric pianos, vibes, basses & programming
Melvin Sparks – guitar on 'Cookies', 'Wes Side', 'Exfiled', 'Cuch'
Karl Denson – sax & flute on ' Cookies', 'Wes Side', 'Exfiled', & 'Some Sorta Blue'
Russ Lawton - percussion, drums
Adrome "Acidman" MacHine - drums, percussion
special guest: Arkady Beletsky - cello on 'I Try & I Try'

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