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jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

Martin Cilia • Surfersaurus

Nacido en Inglaterra, a la edad de 10 años su familia emigra a Australia, ya a los 14 tocaba profesionalmente y no ha parado hasta ahora, si bien respetuoso de los cánones que impone el surf, le imprime a su guitarra variaciones y arreglos que lo hacen poner un pedestal más arriba que el resto. Purista del sonido original, su equipo se basa en varias Fender clásicas de los años '60.


Editorial Reviews
The world's greatest surf music instrumentals from Australia's "King Of The Surf Guitar" Martin Cilia. As a long-standing key member the legendary "Atlantics", Martin knows how to play surf music. With "Surfersaurus" he has taken on the best tracks of all-time - Endless Summer, Telstar, Walk Don't Run, Apache, Albatross, Pipeline, The Crusher and others - injecting in his own unique talent and style. A truly monstrous musical "thesaurus" for all of those who love the surf rock genre.

Martin Cilia plays guitar in the currently lineup of the legendary Australian surf/instrumental rock band The Atlantics, but he’s an excellent solo artist as well. This disc includes his renditions of some of his childhood favorites, as well as a few new songs. “Futurama” is the best of the originals – not too surprisingly, it sounds like an Atlantics song (or more appropriately, several Atlantics classics merged into one song). While it may be easy for him to go with that sound and style of song, it is truly a monumental song that stands up well when matched with any song in the Atlantics repertoire. For some of these songs you may have dozens of versions in your collection, but it’s rare to find someone these days that can bring new life into songs like “Pipeline”, but he does just that.

Tracks :
  1. Number One
  2. Walk Don't Run
  3. Futurama
  4. Albatross
  5. Apache
  6. Pipeline
  7. Endless Summer
  8. Surfersaurus
  9. Wipe Out
  10. Misirlou
  11. December Sun
  12. Telstar
  13. Twilight Surfer
  14. The Crusher
  15. Propeller
  16. Rock and Roll Part 2

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  1. Tenho tudo que Martin grava, excelente guitarrista rock & surf music. Ex membro dos The Atlantics, Martin merece ter seu nome entre os "the Best" guitar player.

    1. así es eximio guitarrista, poco conocido, esa es la idea difundir aquellos buenos músicos que son casi desconocidos.
      proximamnete Revenge of the Surf Guitar