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Brother Jack McDuff • Goodnight , It'S Time to Go + Honey Dripper

This release presents two complete original LPs by Brother Jack McDuff: Goodnight, It's Time to Go (Prestige PRLP7220), and The Honeydripper (Prestige PRLP7199). Both albums showcase the organist in a quartet format with the brilliant guitarist Grant Green. (This CD includes all of their quartet recordings together under the leadership of McDuff. They also participated on two other quartet albums, one under Green's name, and the other under Lou Donaldson's). As a bonus, “Godiva Brown”, a song that completes the Goodnight, It's Time to Go sessions but wasn't included on the original LP.

01. Sanctified Waltz ( 4:48)
02. Goodnight, It's Time To Go ( 6:10)
03. I'll Be Seeing You ( 7:40)
04. A Smooth One (10:46)
05. McDuff Speaking ( 6:20)
06. Godiva Brown ( 5:13)
07. Whap! ( 4:22)
08. I Want A Little Girl ( 6:43)
09. The Honeydripper ( 8:15)
10. Dink's Blues ( 7:54)
11. Mr. Lucky ( 5:04)
12. Blues And Tonic ( 5:00)

BROTHER JACK McDUFF (org) GRANT GREEN (g), on all tracks, plus:
[1-6] Goodnight, It's Time to Go
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, July 14, 1961.
[7-12] The Honeydripper 4 Stars All Music Guide

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, February 3, 1961.

Released: 1961
Styles: Jazz
Label: Groove Hut
Time: 78:21

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