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miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

Big Jay McNeely • Live at Birdland [1957]

Review by Bill Dahl
An amazing artifact from 1957, when live recordings like this one didn't happen very often. A Seattle engineer with a spanking-new stereo tape recorder captured the contents of this disc while McNeely and his swinging combo were working out at a Seattle nightspot called the Birdland. He gets plenty of room to peel the paper from the gin joint's walls as he wails on "Flying Home," "How High the Moon," and "Let It Roll."

1 - I Hope You're All Right
2 - Insect Ball
3 - Tenderly
4 - Havana Hop
5 - Flying Home
6 - Minnie
7 - Back... Shack...Track
8 - Honky Tonk
9 - I Got a Woman
10 - Things Ain't What They Used to Be
11 - How High the Moon
12 - Oh, What a Fool
13 - Roadhouse Boogie/Let It All Roll
14 - There Is Something on Your Mind
15 - Deacon's Hop
16 - My Darling Dear

Release Date: 1957
Duration: 01:15:37
Genre: Jazz, Blues, R&B
Styles: Early R&B, Jazz Blues, Jump Blues, Regional Blues,  West Coast Blues, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz,
Recording Date: 1957

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  1. cool seattle history,thanks here's chick corea in seattle a little later

  2. love this blog!! I have you added on my two sites

    thank you so much for all the great jazz