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miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016

VA • Big Sound Tenors

Editorial Review:
Four great tenor-saxs share this álbum.
Julián DASH : His ñame cannot be parted from the one of Erskine HAWKINS Orchestra, the star which he was for more than 15 years. Warm, mellow, glamorous sound, extreme musicianship, easy swing, his solos are fully good-natured and fluent. He is a very agreable-to-listen-to musician. In his four selections recorded in 1951, he is surrounded by some of his compa- nions from Erskine HAWKINS Band : more particularly Haywood HENRY (baritone), Lee STANFIELD (sb), Sonny PAYNE (drums). Freddy JEFFERSON is the pianist on the first two titles.
Al SEARS : He is a quite original talent. He created a very peculiar language which alternates with success the bluntest staccato phrases with the most subtle phrases and their long melodic expansions. Inside his solos, the simple contrast of rhythm, sound volume and unscheduled schemes creates a harassing swing.
He knows masterly how to use growl and to give to some periods of his im- provisations some wild hues that are not without any charms. «Long ago» and «Searsy» have been recorded in 1945, where as the two other titles of the fifties feature him playing with power strougly schemed lines. The iden- tity of the outstanding guitar player of «so glad» is (unfortunately) unknown .
Eddie CHAMBLEE : was revealed to the amateurs during his staying in Lionel HAMPTON's Big Band in 1955, but he had recorded before many a disk under his own name. Like Al SEARS, whom he looks like a little, he likes to make variate the intensity, the structure and the volume of his musical phrasing. His great masterhood of growl, his blues feeling, his vitality make of him a first-rank tenor-sax, although the opportunities to listen to him are, alas, too scarce.
Ben WEBSTER : on the opposite, has been claimed for many years as one of the giants of his horn. His gigantic qualities as well as his presence in bands as renowned as the ones of Bennie MOTEN, Fletcher HENDERSON, Andy KIRK, Cab CALLOWAY, Duke ELLINGTON,... explain his noto- riousness. This Coleman HAWKINS alumnus with his rightly famous sound is certainly a soloist of an exceptional musicianship.
Supported here by a combo directed by Benny CARTER he gives us a sample of the various sides of his talent : mellow and warmful in the bailad «You're too beautiful» swinging and broken loose on his favorite «Cotton Tail», he stands out as a solid blues preacher in «Time out for blues». / Virgile Degand

Side A
1. Creamin' Boogie - Julian Dash
2. For Squares Only - Julian Dash
3. Devil's Lament - Julian Dash
4. Dance of the Mother Bird - Julian Dash
5. Long Long Ago - Al Sears
6. Searsy - Al Sears
7. Tweedle Dee - Al Sears
8. So Glad - Al Sears

Side B
1. Walkin' Home - Eddie Chamblee
2. Goin' Long - Eddie Chamblee
3. Back Up - Eddie Chamblee
4. Lazy Mood - Eddie Chamblee
5. Time Out For The Blues - Ben Webster
6. Cotton Tail - Ben Webster
7. Surf Board - Ben Webster
8. You Are Too Beautiful - Ben Webster

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