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viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

The Islanders • The Enchanted Sound of the Islanders

The Islanders were an American group which included Frank Metis (accordion) and Randy Starr (guitar), in addition to using special sound effects by Ralph F. Curtiss.
They are most noted for their 1959 hit single, "The Enchanted Sea", which reached number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
None of their subsequent singles for Mayflower were successful. An LP The Enchanted Sound of The Islanders was released by Mayflower Records in 1960. An independent, limited edition CD was produced in 2016 with the 12 songs from the original LP in stereo, plus a bonus track, "Forbidden Island" in mono on the Scion imprint.
Randy Starr, whose original name was Warren Nadel, was a guitar-playing, songwriting dentist from the Bronx. He also performed as a solo singer for a number of record labels, as well as penning songs for other artists, including "Kissin' Cousins" with Fred Wise, for Elvis Presley.

1. The Enchanted Sea
3. Blue Rain
4. Tramp Steamer
5. Sleepy Lagoon
6. Paradise Lost
7. Autumn Leaves
8. Kon-Tiki
9. Dreamer
10. Tornado
11. Blue Tango
12. City Under the Sea
13. Forbidden Island (Bonus Track)


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