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sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016

Harpdog Brown • Travelin' With The Blues

Charlie Musselwhite says "Harpdog Brown is all blues man!"
My good friend Harpdog Brown has a new CD out. He’s got a smokin’ band playing and he’s singing the real deal, old school blues just like you want to hear it. It’s easy to tell from listening that Harpdog knows what he’s doing and loves what he’s doing. I’m not applauding this CD just because I happen to have the honor of joining Harpdog on a tune…it really is some great smokin’ blues. Every tune is a winner. If you love the blues you won’t go wrong with this wonderful session. I LOVE the killer guitar playing! It’s hard to say what my favorite is but I gotta say I REALLY like Must’ve Been The Devil. I’ve always liked that tune and Harpdog does it great. I love his harp playing on this one especially. Home Is Where The Harp Is has a cool 8-bar blues groove and I love 8-bar blues progression. Fool Like Me, Hayward Boogie, Cloud Full Of Rain, Fine Little Girl, are all fine and For Better or Worse has especially good lyrics. What’s Your Name has some tasty first position harp playing. All in all I think you have a very satisfying album on your hands. I really enjoy listening to it again and again. The tune I did with Harpdog, Moose On The Loose, was a lot of fun. It’s got a good feel and good energy and I remember the fun we had recording it. Give it a listen. I hope hope you can hear the fun like I can. It was recorded the old school way…right off the floor….with fine old tube amps and the works…at Big Jon Atkinson’s studio, Bigtone in Hayward, CA. Jon knows how the blues are supposed to sound and he totally captured that sound with Harpdog and his great band. ~Charlie Musselwhite

01. Better Days (Feat. Kid Andersen) (4:40)
02. Must Have Been The Devil (Feat. Carl Sonny Leyland) (4:06)
03. Sacrifice (Feat. Big Jon Atkinson) (3:58)
04. Bring It On Home (Feat. Jimmy Morello) (2:57)
05. Moose On The Loose (Feat. Charlie Musselwhite) (2:45)
06. For Better Or Worse (Feat. Kid Andersen) (3:22)
07. Fine Little Girl Rag (3:09)
08. Cloud Full Of Rain (4:01)
09. What's Your Real Name (4:34)
10. Facebook Mama (Feat. Danny Michel) (3:09)
11. Home Is Where The Harp Is (Feat. Rusty Zinn) (2:51)
12. Another Fool Like Me (2:26)
13. Hard Days Blues (Feat. Little Victor) (2:49)
14. Hayward Boogie (1:35)

Label: Dog House Records
Time: 46:27
Released: 2016
Styles: Electric Blues, Harmonica Blues

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