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martes, 9 de agosto de 2016

The Jive Romeros • Bim Bam

The Jive Romeros play a jumpin' swingin' mix of 1950s American Rock'n'Roll in the style of Bill Haley, Freddie Bell, Louis Prima etc, and Great British Rock 'n' Roll (Tommy Steele, Freddie Bell, Tony Crombie...)

A highly polished act who have established themselves around the UK and Europe clubs and festivals, and to date have released 3 CDs on the Raucous Records labels - now firmly established at the UKs leading contemporary Rock'n'Roll

Swingin' Jumpin' Jivin' Big Beat Rock 'n' Roll. Perfect for swing-dancing, or just listening to those rockin' rollin' 1950s sounds.

01. Soda Shop Rock (1:56)
02. You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming (2:14)
03. London Rock (1:54)
04. Big Bad Wolf (2:07)
05. Red For Danger (2:09)
06. Giddy Up A Ding Dong (2:05)
07. The Big Beat (2:10)
08. Elevator Rock (1:53)
09. Jump Jive & Wail (3:09)
10. You Bug Me Baby (1:52)
11. Rock N' Roller Coaster (1:57)
12. Bim Bam! (2:00)
13. Teenager's Mother (2:10)

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