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jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

Reuben Wilson • Down With It

"Soul-jazz veteran Reuben Wilson is still Down With It in terms of playing laid-back grooves that are easy on both the head and feet." JAZZ TIMES

A solid CD. On the blustery "Speakin’ With the Deacon" and the mid-tempo shuffle of "Groove Ahead" Wilson illustrates why some clichés still works like a charm. "Speakin’ With the Deacon" affords the best solos from both Cherry and Butler, while Wilson in turn delivers a rousing gospel-inflected sermon. Down with it? Sure, nothing less, nothing more. JAZZ TIMES.

“Reuben Wilson's 30-year musical influence on the modern music scene is readily apparent on Down With It, released in 1998 on the ultra-funky Cannonball label. Wilson's legendary status is well-deserved. Revered around the world as one of the pioneers of the Hammond B3 organ sound, the "godfather of funk and soul-jazz" continues to transplant his groove into the acid jazz movement. Unlike the previously released Organ Donor, Wilson does not revisit his classics "Hot Rod" and "Got to Get Your Own," but has written four new tunes on the set, including "One 2 Four," which reunites him with soul-jazz guitar pioneer Melvin Sparks. Pop and funk are taken to new heights on the title track, "Down With It," while Wilson's slow blues signature is stamped on "Speakin' With the Deacon." Wilson's mastery of the Hammond B3 is in the pocket, as the maestro continues to enjoy its renaissance and down-home funk.” Paula Edelstein, ALL MUSIC GUIDE.

1. Rod's Tune
2. Movin' On
3. Down With It
4. At Last
5. Groove Ahead
6. Speakin' With the Deacon
7. One 2 Four
8. Sexual Healing
Total time 51:53

Personnel: Steve Berrios - Percussion; Melvin Butler - Sax (Tenor); Ed Cherry - Guitar; Reggie Nicholson - Drums; Melvin Sparks - Guitar, Producer; Reuben Wilson - Hammond B-3 Organ.

Recorded at The Magic Shop, NYC. Released July 14, 1998.

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