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viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

Pete Johnson • Boogie Woogie Mood 1940-1944

Pete Johnson (March 25, 1904 – March 23, 1967) was an American boogie-woogie and jazz pianist.
Journalist Tony Russell stated in his book The Blues – From Robert Johnson to Robert Cray that "Johnson shared with the other members of the 'Boogie Woogie Trio' the technical virtuosity and melodic fertility that can make this the most exciting of all piano music styles, but he was more comfortable than Meade Lux Lewis in a band setting; and as an accompanist, unlike Lewis or Albert Ammons, he could sparkle but not outshine his singing partner". Fellow journalist Scott Yanow (Allmusic) added "Johnson was one of the three great boogie-woogie pianists (along with Lewis and Ammons) whose sudden prominence in the late 1930s helped make the style very popular"
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A1 627 Stomp 3:02
A2 Basement Boogie 2:35
A3 Death Ray Boogie 2:57
A4 Just Fort You 2:48
A5 Pete's Mixture 2:46
A6 Kaycee Feeling 2:51
A7 Lights Out Mood 3:03
B1 Dive Bomber 2:58
B2 Answer To The Boogie 2:24
B3 Mr. Freddie Blues 2:58
B4 Zero Hour 3:12
B5 Bottomland Boogie 3:07
B6 Rock It Boogie 3:07

Label: MCA Records ‎– 510.114
Series: Jazz Heritage (3) – Vol. 63
Released: 1974
Genre: Jazz, Blues
Styles: Boogie-Woogie, Jazz Blues, Piano Blues

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