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martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

Marcel Loeffler • Images

After his emotional tribute to Gus Viseur in 2010, Marcel Loeffler decided to record a more personal project, presenting his own compositions. On his new album Images, the accordionist demonstrates his amazing range of his skills. He is equally comfortable in waltzes, ballads or in compositions tuned in to the groove such as ''Vago''. Loeffler also pays tribute to Jacques Brel in his cover of ''La chanson des vieux am ants.'' For this new project, Loeffler is joined by his friends Gilles Coquard on bass, Jean Yves Jung on piano and Jean Marc Robin on drums.

1. Long Travel
2. Véche
3. Goût Bulgare
4. Spring
5. Vision d’automne
6. Tanjy
7. Tango retrouvé
8. Olmo
9. Vago
10. Quai des pêcheurs
11. Ovation
12. Les vieux amants

Marcel Loeffler (accordéon)
Gilles Coquard (basse)
Jean Marc Robin (batterie)
Jean Yves Jung (claviers)

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