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viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

The Jackson Four • Love The Life

The classic sound of the Hammond B3, mixed with soulful sax and vocals on a journey into the crossroads where Blues and Groove meets Jazz.
The band’s distinctive style and sound is centred around the classic Hammond B3 organ. With interplay from soulful sax and vocals. All driven by a strong swing, jazz, Latin rhythm and percussion section. Their music is a journey into the crossroads where Blues and Jazz intersect. And a repertoire mixing the sounds of New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Memphis into their own interpretations of renowned favourites and hidden unknown gems that the band searches out for their set.

The Band Are:
Hammond Organ - Gary ‘Groove Keys’ Jones. Gary is well known around Melbourne’s Jazz and Blues scenes for his skill and passion with the Hammond Organ. Gary can also be found as promoter of the ‘Hammond Sessions’ at ‘BAR 303’ in Northcote, Melbourne. Gary performs with Continental Robert from the legendary soul brothers ‘The Dynamic Hepnotics’, when on tour.
Sax - On sax is one of Melbourne’s most in-demand horn players, Jeff Mead. Besides featuring in some of Melbourne’s top big swing bands, Jeff plays regularly in The Andrea Marr Band and other well-established Blues acts.
Vocals and Percussion - Front man, soul and jazz singer, Peter Jackson has performed with Paul Kelly, The Australian Blues Brothers Show’, ‘Grand Wazoo’, ‘The Swing Genies’ and other funk, soul and jazz bands on the Australian circuit. Originally, Peter led his own bands including early 90’s popular Melbourne pub soulsters, ‘Sticky Soul’. In this line up, Peter’s percussion adds a touch of Latin to the groove rhythms with congas and a range of Latin hand instruments.
Drums - Consummate and well respected jazz drummer, Nick Mierisch. Nick has been the rhythmic force behind many jazz and soul funk bands around town over the last 30 years.

1. Work Song
2. Early in the Morning
3. I Love the Life I Live
4. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
5. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
6. Congo Square

Genre: Blues: Jazzy Blues
Release Date: 2015

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