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jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

Paul Desmond • From The Hot Afternoon

All the featured performances are excellent, Paul Desmond's playing is superb, taking a little more of a back seat, but with some beautiful, memorable phrasing. Not mentioned in other reviews are three vocal tracks featuring Wanda de Sa, "To Say Goodbye", "Circles" and "Crystal Illusions". In "To Say Goodbye", she was forced by the recording schedule and low register of the instrumental part to sing well below her normal register, producing a striking and sultry version of this song, a must-have for her fans. Edu Lobo may not be Jobim, but "Crystal Illusions" is perhaps his best known work. He performs on the track and Wanda (his wife) sings it beautifully. The swirling '70s orchestation suits the song very well, the edgy chord shifts provide Paul with a challenging backdrop for his solos; this is probably my favourite version. This is an easy listening classic which is head and shoulders above others in the genre and has the power to move you with some exceptional performances by several icons of jazz and the '60s "Bossa" sound. - by Ricardo,

Review by Richard S. Ginell
Paul Desmond's first genuine all-Brazilian album under the Creed Taylor signature was a beauty, a collection of songs by the then-moderately known Edu Lobo and the emerging giant Milton Nascimento, then only in his early twenties. All Desmond has to do is sit back and ride the Brazilian grooves while lyrically ruminating on whatever pops into his head. It sounds so effortless -- until you try it yourself. The swirling, often gorgeous orchestral arrangements are by Don Sebesky (one CD edition mistakenly gives Claus Ogerman credit on the cover), Airto Moreira leads the samba-flavored percussion forces, and Lobo and his wife Wanda de Sah appear on three of Lobo's four songs. Lobo's "To Say Goodbye," "Circles," and "Martha and Romao" have exactly the brand of wistful sadness that Desmond could communicate so well; on the former, de Sah has to sing well below the register with which she is comfortable, and the strain is painfully obvious. Some of Nascimento's best early tunes are here, including the tense title track, the popping "Catavento," and "Canto Latino." "Catavento" inspires a particularly inventive solo from Desmond where he pulls out one of his age-old tricks, quoting "St. Thomas." This 2000 Verve "By Request" edition adds no less than six alternate takes to the package.

1. Outubro (October) (Fernando Brant/Milton Nascimento) 3:00
2. Gira Girou (Round 'n' Round) (Milton Nascimento) 4:32
3. Faithful Brother (Milton Nascimento) 3:09
4. To Say Goodbye (Edu Lobo) 4:01
5. From the Hot Aftenoon (Milton Nascimento) 3:31
6. Circles (Edu Lobo) 3:46
7. Martha & Romao (Edu Lobo) 3:05
8. Catavento (Milton Nascimento) 2:46
9. Canto Latino (Latin Chant) (Milton Nascimento) 4:25
10. Crystal Illusions (Edu Lobo/J. Guarneri/Lani Hall) 4:41
11. Gira Girou (Round 'n' Round) [Alternative Take] (Milton Nascimento) 4:21
12. Faithful Brother [Alternative Take] (Milton Nascimento) 2:49
13. From The Hot Aftenoon [Alternative Take] (Milton Nascimento) 3:56
14. Catavento [Alternative Take] (Milton Nascimento) 2:31
15. Canto Latino (Latin Chant) [Alternative Take] (Milton Nascimento) 4:01
16. From The Hot Aftenoon [Alternative Take] (Milton Nascimento) 2:37

Paul Desmond (Alto Saxophone)
Patrick Rebillot (Piano and Elelctric Piano)
Dorio Ferreira (Guitar) - 1-5,8,9,11-16
Edu Lobo (Guitar and Vocal) - 6,7,10
Ron Carter (Double Bass)
Airto Moreira (Drums and Percussion)
Don Sebesky (Arrenger and Conductor)
Wanda De Sah (Vocal) - 4,6,10
Marky Markowitz (Trumpet)
Marvin Stamm (Trumpet and Flugelhorn)
Paul Faulise (Bass Trombone)
Jimmy Buffington (French Horn)
Don Hammond (Flute)
Hubert Laws (Flute)
Stan Webb Jr. (Flute and Percussion)
Phil Bodner (Saxes, Clarinet and Oboe)
George Marge (Saxes, Clarinet and Oboe)
Margaret Ross (Harp)
Jack Jennings (Percussion)
with strings

Genre: Jazz, Latin, Funk / Soul
Style: Bossanova, Latin Jazz, cool
Release Date: 2000
Duration: 57:12
Recording Date: June 24, 1969 - August 14, 1969

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