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miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

Memphis Minnie • Hoodoo Lady

Memphis Minnie [1897-1973] guitarrista, cantante y compositora, generadora de country-blues y blues fresco y al mismo tiempo visceral, que nos llega a este siglo con la misma frescura que entonces.

Memphis Minnie [1897-1973] guitarist, singer and songwriter, generating country-blues and cool blues and visceral at the same time, that comes to this century with the same freshness that time.

1. Down In The Alley
2. Has Anyone Seen My Man?
3. I Hate To See The Sun Go Down
4. Ice Man (Come On Up)
5. Hoodoo Lady
6. I'm A Bad Luck Woman
7. Caught Me Wrong Again
8. Black Cat Blues
9. Good Morning
10. Man, You Won't Give Me Any Money
11. Keep On Eatin'
12. I've Been Treated Wrong
13. Good Biscuits
14. Ain't No Use Tryin' Tell On Me (I Know Something On You)
15. My Butcher Man
16. My Strange Man
17. If You See My Rooster (Please Run Him Home)
18. My Baby Don't Want Me No More
19. Please Don't Stop Him
20. I'm Going Don't You Know

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