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lunes, 25 de julio de 2016

Keith Mansfield & Alan Hawkshaw • Big Beat Vol. 1

Keith Mansfield (born 1941) is a British composer and arranger known for his creation of prominent television theme tunes, including the Grandstand theme for the BBC.[1] Other works include "Light and Tuneful" (the opening theme for the BBC's coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships), "World Champions" (the closing theme for NBC's coverage of the same tournament) and "World Series" (used for the BBC's athletics coverage).
Mansfield is probably best known by American audiences as the composer of the tune "Funky Fanfare", used for underscoring in the Astro Daters series of snipes produced by the National Screen Service in the late 1960s. That song is currently used during the opening credits of the show Pit Boss on Animal Planet, as well as backing music for the "Quick Hits" segment on the Sklarbro Country podcast. The Astro Daters' "Our Next Attraction" was featured prominently in two films by Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill and Grindhouse. A vocal version of Funky Fanfare entitled "House of Jack" was also recorded by James Royal in 1969. Another Mansfield composition, "National Pride," was the opening theme to the movie Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, which utilizes Mansfield's library music score, and as the logo jingle for CBS/Fox Video. A remix of the song was also used in the game, Saints Row: The Third.
In the 1960s and 1970s, Mansfield was a major figure in the UK library music scene and recorded a great deal of material for the production music company KPM. His work has been sampled by prominent hip-hop producers such as Danger Mouse ("Funky Fanfare" on the DANGERDOOM track "Old School" and on "Run" by Gnarls Barkley, and "Morning Broadway" on DANGERDOOM track "Space Ho's"), Madlib and Fatboy Slim.[citation needed] American sports fans will find a lot of Mansfield's and other KPM composers' music used on NFL Films team highlights and Super Bowl documentaries.
Mansfield was arranger and conductor for several tracks on Dusty Springfield's 1968 UK album Dusty... Definitely, and acted as orchestral arranger on some hits for Love Affair ("Everlasting Love") and Marmalade ("Reflections of My Life"), amongst others.
He also produced some work with Maynard Ferguson.
He is married to the singer Salena Jones.

Alan Hawkshaw (born William Alan Hawkshaw, 27 March 1937, Leeds, West Yorkshire) is a British composer and performer, particularly of themes for movies and television programmes. Hawkshaw worked extensively for the KPM production music company in the 1960s and 1970s, composing and recording many stock tracks that have been used extensively in film and TV.
As such, he is the composer of a number of familiar theme tunes including Channel 4 News, Grange Hill and Countdown. In addition, he is an arranger and pianist, and in the United States scored a number 1 single on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Here Comes That Sound Again" in 1979.
He is the father of dance artist Kirsty Hawkshaw, who was a member of the dance group Opus III from 1991 to 1995.
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A1 – Keith Mansfield Exclusive Blend 3:20
A2 – Alan Hawkshaw Studio 69 1:49
A3 – Alan Hawkshaw Work Out 2:52
A4 – Alan Hawkshaw Rocky Mountain Runabout 2:09
A5 – Alan Hawkshaw Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue 2:37
A6 – Alan Hawkshaw Roving Reporter 1:38
A7 – Alan Hawkshaw Senior Thump 2:47
A8 – Alan Hawkshaw Tap Footer 1:38
B1 – Keith Mansfield Teenage Travelogue 2:42
B2 – Keith Mansfield Teenage Ton Up 2:01
B3 – Alan Hawkshaw Delivery Date 2:36
B4 – Alan Hawkshaw A Touch Of Nonsense 2:04
B5 – Alan Hawkshaw Man On The Move 2:30
B6 – Keith Mansfield The Mexican D.J. 2:11
B7 – Alan Hawkshaw Debsville 1:21
B8 – Keith Mansfield Red Square Stomp 2:43

KPM 1000 Series
Released 1969

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