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jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

Jimmy McGriff • Let's Stay Together

This McGriff album combines four tracks recorded by a 1972 septet ('Let's Stay Together', 'Tiki', 'Theme From Shaft' and 'What's Going On') with three tracks from a 1966 trio featuring guitarist Thornell Schwartz ('Old Grand Dad', 'Georgia On My Mind' and 'April In Paris')

01. Let's Stay Together (2:44)
02. Tiki (4:20)
03. Theme From Shaft (3:59)
04. What's Going On (4:33)
05. Old Grand Dad (5:07)
06. Georgia On My Mind (6:43)
07. April In Paris (5:05)

New York: c. 1966
Jimmy McGriff (org); Thornell Schwartz (g); Willie 'Saint' Jenkins (d).

New York City: c. January 1972
Jimmy McGriff (org); Lawrence Frazier (g); unknown (b); Willie 'Saint' Jenkins or Jesse Kilpatrick (d); James Peacock (cga); William Skinner (tp); Lawrence 'Tricky' Lofton (tb); Harold (Sampson) Bennett (ts).

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