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jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

Bob Seeley • Burnin' The Boogie!

This is the fourth of a series of recordings from one of the world’s premier boogie piano players, Bob Seeley. An inductee to the Boogie Woogie Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, Bob is a classically-trained pianist whose early discovery of boogie woogie is our blessing. Born and raised in Detroit, he learned boogie, stride, and ragtime from recordings and folios. Among his great influences is Pat Flowers (Fats Waller’s protégé) and the boogie pioneer Meade Lux Lewis – one of the three giants of boogie woogie (along with Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson).

01. Burnin’ The Boogie
02. Rockin’ The Kid
03. John Doyle Software Strut
04. J.J. Boogie
05. Dr. Ted’s Boogie Dream
06. Basement Boogie
07. Jammin’ At The Arches
08. Marrakech Nights
09. Groovin’ On I-75
10. Jivin’ With Jim
11. Big Band Boogie Medley
12. Shout For Joy
13. Mama Take The Lobsters Off The Ice
14. Jack’s Blues
15. Boogie At The Philharmonic

Release: 2016
Label: Bob Seeley Music
Genre: Jazz / Blues / Piano
Total Time: 55:50 min

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