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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

The Link Quartet • Evolution

Album Notes
Link Quartet have been gaining quite a following their 2 mind-blowing funk-tastic albums (Beat.It, 2002 / Italian Playboys, 2004) for Hammondbeat, but many are unaware of their earlier years of recording in Europe. "Evolution" documents everything released from 1997 to 2001 - all of which is out-of-print and in constant demand from fans around the world.

Hammondbeat is ecstatic to collect all of this rare material not only for collectors and fans, but to allow the music to tell the story of those early days of a band finding its voice that would eventually fuse into the confection they are today.

"Evolution" is presented chronologically from the very first 45 "Alfa Romeo Giulietta" to their debut mini-album "Episode 1", with rare compilation appearances (France, Spain, Italy, UK) and 2 never-before-released tracks making this the definitive "early days" compendium. “Evolution” puts the entire Link Quartet catalog under the Hammondbeat umbrella, a label that is nothing if not dedicated!

Part one features 2 rare 45’s (Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Sgnapp) from the Animal label in Spain, 2 songs from the popular Mondo Beat compilation series, and 2 unreleased tracks from the vaults: James Brown’s “Ain’t It Funky Now?” and mod fave “Holiday In Monte Carlo”.

Disc: 1
1. Alfa Romeo Giulietta
2. Moira
3. Link Theme
4. Ain't It Funky Now?
5. Punt e Mes
6. Tenente Sheridan
7. Sgnapp
8. Vasco De Gama
9. The Original
10. Guantanamera
11. Holiday In Montecarlo
12. Claudia
13. Almost Grown
14. Il Baccala
15. The Streetbeater
16. Link Theme (brand new version)
17. Bullitt
18. Espionage

Disc: 2
1. Sweet Little Apples
2. Non Mi Puo Bastare
3. Mao et Moi
4. Three In A Bed

Genre: Jazz: Acid Jazz
Release Date: 2006

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