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miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016

Retroliners • From the Shadows of Gotham

 The Retroliners are a surf-style instrumental combo whose eclectic blend of vintage guitar tones and modern sonics produces a unique interpretation of dark, angular spy music spiked with pop, punk, twist and twang.

Mike Beckerman (bass)
Andy Burton (hammond b-3)
Dave Schreck (drums)
Michael Welch (guitars)

Guest Artists
Richard Christina (drums)
Mooney O'Brien (bass)

Track Listing
1. Ragazzi Bianchi
2. My Sharona Lou
3. Cry For a Shadow
4. Alexis
5. Smells Like Kurt Drained You
6. Intermission
7. Recoleta
8. Noirleans
9. Arrangement In Grey & Black
10. In Like Clint

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