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jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

The Quartette Tres Bien • Where it's at!

The Quartette Trés Bien was an American jazz combo based in St. Louis led by pianist Jeter Thompson. The group started to play around 1960 and began recording in the mid '60s. Jeter Thompson played with Jimmy Forrest, Oliver Nelson and Emmett Carter in his early years. The bassist of the group is Richard Simmons, the drummer Albert St. James who accompanied also Charlie Parker, Tab Smith and Jimmy Forrest. Percussionist Percy James added a latin flavor to the quartette who played more than ten years, before splitting. Jeter Thompson is still active leading for a few years the Trio Tres Bien with brothers Harold Thompson (bass) and Howard Thompson (drums).

Tracks List:
A1 The End Of A Love Affair 4:37
A2 Feeling Good 5:03
A3 On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) 2:29
A4 Moon River 3:45
A5 Harambee (Pull Together) 3:15
B1 Somebody Loves Me 3:44
B2 Polonaisia 3:28
B3 St. Louis Blues 2:22
B4 It Was A Very Good Year 4:33
B5 Lucky "28" 2:09
B6 Amor 2:55

Bass – Richard Simmons
Congas, Bongos – Percy James
Drums – Albert St. James
Piano – Jeter Thompson

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