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miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Sade • The Ultimate Collection

Sade - The Ultimate Collection 2CD (2011)
Tiempo: 2h 12min total

by Andy Kellman
An update of the 1994 compilation The Best of Sade, The Ultimate Collection contains all but two of the Sade singles -- “When Am I Going to Make a Living” and, unfortunately, “Turn My Back on You” -- released through the first six studio albums. There are six well-chosen album cuts, highlighted by the exceptionally spacious Love Deluxe ballads “Bullet Proof Soul” and “Pearls.” For some Sade followers, the one rarity (a restrained Neptunes mix of “By Your Side”) and four new songs will be enough to justify re-acquiring the old material. The best of the new songs is a cover of Thin Lizzy's anguished ballad “Still in Love with You,” a surprising but strikingly appropriate choice that is granted a hint of sweetness. On the opposite end, a remix of Soldier of Love's “The Moon and the Sky,” featuring Jay-Z, marks Sade’s first and hopefully last collaboration with an MC. The greater part of this two-hour anthology condenses a rich catalog of impeccably sophisticated and subtly stimulating pop, from 1984's seductive “Your Love Is King” to 2009's chilling “Soldier of Love.”

Disc 1/2:
01. Your Love Is King
02. Smooth Operator
03. Hang On To Your Love
04. The Sweetest Taboo
05. Is It A Crime
06. Never As Good As The First Time
07. Jezebel
08. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
09. Paradise
10. Nothing Can Come Between Us
11. No Ordinary Love
12. Kiss Of Life
13. Feel No Pain
14. Bullet Proof Soul

Disc 2/2:
01. Cherish The Day
02. Pearls
03. By Your Side
04. Immigrant
05. Flow
06. King Of Sorrow
07. The Sweetest Gift
08. Soldier Of Love
09. The Moon And The Sky
10. Babyfather
11. Still In Love With You
12. Love Is Found
13. I Would Have Never Guessed
14. The Moon And The Sky (Remix) Ft. Jay-Z
15. By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)

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