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jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

Lee Allen • Walkin' With Mr. Lee

Lee Allen (July 2, 1927 – October 18, 1994) was an American tenor saxophone player born in Pittsburg, Kansas.

A key figure in the New Orleans rock and roll scene of the 1950s, Allen recorded with many leading performers of the early rock and roll era. He was semi-retired from music by the late '60s, but in the late '70s, returned to music intermittently until the end of his life.

Bio completa / full bio:

Walkin' With Mr. Lee
Short Circuit
Teen Dream
Ivy League
Bee Hive
Hot Rod Special
Boppin' At The Hop
Tic Toc
Strollin' With Mr. Lee
Jim Jam
Lee's Blues
Big Horn Special

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