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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

Frank Muschalle • Battin' The Boogie

Frank Muschalle, now living in Berlin, Germany, has been on tour for more than 20 years. He has become one of the most popular boogie woogie pianists.
Frank was born in 1969. After 11 years studying classical piano he discovered the joys of boogie woogie at the age of 19. Since then he has devoted himself entirely to this music. The boogie woogie trio Ammons, Johnson and Lewis as well as pianists like Lloyd Glenn, Little Brother Montgomery or Cow Cow Davenport have deeply influenced his development.
Within a short period of time Frank has acquired a fine reputation not only among insiders. Appearances on TV and radio have contributed to Frank´s remarkable success.
As early as October 1995 his debut-CD,"Great Boogie Woogie News", was published by the Vienna label Document Records. Afterwards Frank gave performances in jazz clubs and festivals, on a tour of Austria with the Mojo Bluesband and Red Holloway, at concerts in the Jazzland and the Starclub (Vienna), and at concerts with Axel Zwingenberger, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker. Quite soon Frank Muschalle outgrew his role as a local talent; invitations to concerts such as the "Stars of Boogie Woogie" - Festival in the Vienna Concert Hall speak for themselves.
In March 1997 the second CD, "Battin´ The Boogie", came out, also published by Document Records. The production caused a sensation among international experts. In September 1998 Frank was invited on a two - week tour of South Carolina (USA) with the Mojo Bluesband. In the course of this tour, recordings with Jimmy McCracklin and Nappy Brown were made for Ripete Records (USA).
In 2002 the "40 - Years American - Folk - Blues - Festival Jubilee" took place in Germany and Frank played with his Trio (with Dani Gugolz on bass and Peter Müller on drums) on this Tour with Blues-Stars Hubert Sumlin, Carey Bell, Bob Stroger and Lousiana Red.
Two Month later, Frank was invited with his Trio to the "Jumpin´at the Flagships" - Tour through all parts of Switzerland. He played there with Red Holloway, Jimmy Coe, Carrie Smith and Rusty Zinn. The Swiss TV recorded a one hour TV - Show of this performance.
Highlight 2007 was the invitation for a tour through Paraguay, where Frank was invited together with Axel Zwingenberger. Frank and Axel were invited again in 2008 and 2009 and they performed in Paraguay and also in Bolivia. 2010 Frank got an Invitation to play concerts in Northafrica. And 2013, he was invited again to Paraguay.
At this point of time, Frank has recorded 12 different cds and his musical style is well-known for its superb technical fireworks and subtle nuances. Time and again he creates an expectant atmosphere in his audience which is constantly heightened by the skilful changes of musical mood.
For all that, Frank Muschalle´s convincing and unaffected performances make dramatic stage effects superfluous - the music speaks for itself.

1 Boogie Woogie Plunger
2 Cow Cow Blues
3 Katie's Blues
4 Groovy Stomp
5 Arosa Crawl
6 Battin' The Boogie
7 Cooney Vaughn's Tremblin' Blues
8 Teegee Jive
9 Bass Goin' Crazy
10 Boogie Woogie Jamboree
11 In The Dusk Of The Evening
12 Slum Gullion Stomp
13 The Scarlet Runner
14 Sheffield In The Morning
15 Killer Miller
16 Glad Tidings

Release Date: September 23, 1997
Duration: 46:14
Genre: Jazz, Blues

Recording Date: November 11, 1996 - November 23, 1996

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