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jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

Euro Cinema • Ten-4

The group's raw jazz funk sound is rooted in late 60s organ funk as well as the anonymous "library music" soundtracks to 70s movies.

The Mulligan 312 (r. schepens)
Euro Boogaloo 302 (t. den heijer)
Brother Lou 314 (t. den heijer)
The Green Scene 337 (t. den heijer r. schepens)
Scool 338 (t. den heijer)
Brooklyn Groove 310 (t. den heijer)
Cherry Valley Girl 312 (t. den heijer d. orsel)
Speedin' 316 (r. schepens)
San Diego Humps 313 (t. den heijer)
Jazz Dog 356 (t. den heijer r. schepens d. orsel n. piay)

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