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lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Erskine Oglesby • Saxophone Blues Vol. 2

Erskine Oglesby is not a household name with the blues audience Still the man has gained a strong reputation within his hometown St. Louis, Missouri Born in St. Louis on January the 20th 1937, Erskine played with nearly everyone who had a name in his hometown He started out at the age of l4 on piano with no less a performer than Chuck Berry. Still the sax was and remained his choice instrument throughout.

When he finished his military service in the US Air Force in November 1957, Erskine got in touch with Billy Gayles' band and started out as a professional musician. Over the years he played with the likes of Albert King, Ike & Tina Turner, Little Milton, Billy Gayles, Eugene Neal and Benny Sharp, as well as with local jazz acts. He just didn't want to limit himself to blues (Because I enjoy it all!), he told the St. Louis Blues Society. In the last decade he also visited Europe as a member of the St. Louis Kings of Rhythm and on more than one occasion he played with other St. Louis acts at the renowned Bluesestafette in Utrecht

His taste for diversity also shows on Blues Dancin', his debut for Black & Tan Records. The music he has picked ranges from straight jump biues to jazzy instrumentals All of them displaying Erskine's personal sound on the sax. Surprisingly, the album is also Erskine's debut as a vocalist. It seems, Erskine Oglesby is ready to claim his place next to AC Reed and Eddie Shaw, both sax men who were able to hold their own as frontmen of their respective bands. Keep an eye out for this cool sax man out of St. Louis. When he hits your town, there's gonna be a party going on you don't wanna miss!

01. I Have The Same Old Blues (3:18)
02. I'm Trying (2:35)
03. I Got Eyes (3:38)
04. It's Good To See You (3:18)
05. Two Shots Of Jack (4:00)
06. Madison Blues (4:15)
07. I Know I Care (3:10)
08. Early In The Morning (3:49)
09. Back At Bb's (2:52)
10. Cold Duck (3:46)
11. Waiting On You (4:27)

Time: 39:10
Released: 2015
Styles: Jump Blues
Label: Erskine Oglesby

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