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miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

Grant Green • Blue Breakbeats

In the '70s, guitarist Grant Green turned to an R&B and funk style in order to keep up with the times and invite as wide an audience as possible. At the time, critics cried foul at what they called "selling out" and disavowed Green from their critical radar. Fast forwarding to the '90s, this period of Green's career became in great demand as the "acid jazz" craze came into vogue. BLUE BREAKBEATS collects some of Green's more revered works from this period. These are the tracks that DJs constantly sample and loop to form new electronically manipulated works.

To be sure, the grooves here are gritty and the melodies, what little there are, are simple and brash, but the determined mood and downright funkiness is nothing to sneeze at. Cuts like James Brown's "Ain't It Funky Now" and the immensely popular "Sookie Sookie" are staples in any self-respecting DJ's arsenal. The driving beats of Ben Dixon's "Cantaloupe Woman" and the stunning "The Final Comedown" offer plenty of fertile sampling opportunities as well. Overall, though, this is a celebration of Green's late-period talent that didn't get its just desserts in his time.

Personnel: Grant Green (guitar); Harold Vick (soprano saxophone); Claude Bartee (tenor saxophone); Blue Mitchell, Marvin Stamm, Irv Markowitz (trumpet); Phil Bodner (woodwinds); Billy Wooten, Willie Bivens (vibraphone); Emmanuel Riggins, Clarence Palmer (electric piano); Earl Neal Creque, Ronnie Foster (organ); Richard Tee (keyboards); Cornell Dupree (guitar); Jimmy Lewis, Chuck Rainey, Gordon Edwards (electric bass); Idris Muhammad, Grady Tate (drums); Richard Landrum (bongos); Candido Camero, Ray Armando, Joseph Armstrong (congas); Ralph McDonald (percussion).

Producers: Francis Wolff, George Butler.

Engineers include: Rudy Van Gelder, Don Hahn.

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey between January 30, 1970 and May 21, 1971; A&R Recording Studios, New York, New York on December 13, 1971; live at the Cliche Lounge, Newark, New Jersey on August 15, 1970. Includes liner notes by DJ Smash.

Recording information: A&R Studios, New York, NY (01/30/1970-12/13/1971); Cliche Lounge, Newark, NJ (01/30/1970-12/13/1971); Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ (01/30/1970-12/13/1971).

1- Ain't It Funky Now 9:52
2- Cantaloupe Woman 5:32
3- The Windjammer 5:40
4- Sookie Sookie 11:00
5- Ease Back 5:43
6- The Final Comedown 3:25

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