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viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

Dengue Fever • Venus on Earth

At last, Dengue Fever has made an album that quite nearly matches their incredible live performances. The group began at least as a tribute to the playful yet heavy psychedelic pop scene that flourished in Cambodia before Pol Pot came to power and silenced countless suspected dissidents in that country's infamous killing fields in the mid-1970s. Like the Cambodian pop music that so enamored them, Dengue Fever began by revitalizing strong elements of '60s surf and garage rock in their sound. Over time, they've expanded their influences to Ethiopian funk and modern dance-rock. Once a multi-culti California band with a Cambodian-born singer paying homage to the past, Dengue Fever now plays original, swirling, psychedelic pop. With Western audiences ever more open to hybrid sounds, it will be a huge surprise if Venus on Earth doesn't allow Dengue Fever to quit their day jobs for good, especially after the film about their trip to Cambodia, Sleepwalking through the Mekong, hits the festival circuit in 2008. --Mike McGonigal

Track Listings
1. Seeing Hands
2. Clipped Wings
3. Tiger Phone Card
4. Woman In the Shoes
5. Sober Driver
6. Monsoon Of Perfume
7. Intergratron
8. Oceans Of Venus
9. Laugh Track
10. Tooth And Nail
11. Mr. Orange

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