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lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Legends Of Acid Jazz • Richard Groove Holmes

Review by Scott Yanow
Other than the fact that it features Richard "Groove" Holmes' groovin' organ, the music on this 1997 CD reissue (which contains all of the selections from the LPs The Groover and That Healin' Feelin') has little to do with acid jazz, but certainly qualifies as superior soul-jazz. The last in a long string of Prestige recordings that Holmes had initiated in 1965 is a consistently hard-swinging set. The earlier date matches the organist with either George Freeman or Earl Maddox on guitar and drummer Billy Jackson, while the later date has notable playing by Rusty Bryant (on tenor and alto), the highly expressive guitar of Billy Butler, and drummer Herbie Lovelle. More bop-oriented than normal, the reissue includes such numbers as "Speak Low," "Blue Moon," "Just Friends," "On a Clear Day," and the Johnny Hodges/Al Sears hit "Castle Rock." Recommended.

1 Speak Low
2 Blue Moon
3 I'll Remember April
4 The Walrus
5 Just Friends
6 My Scenery
7 That Healin' Feelin'
8 See See Rider
9 Irene Court
10 Castle Rock
11 Laura
12 On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)

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