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domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Janis Martin • The Blanco Sessions [RE-UP]

by j. poet
Janis Martin was in the wrong place at the wrong time, a strong independent woman in the age (1950s) before women's liberation. She was a star while still a teenager, known for her sultry vocals and stage moves that people back then called suggestive, even though Elvis was doing the same kind of hip thrusts. When it came out that she was married and pregnant, her career came to a screeching halt. In 1995, Rosie Flores, a long time fan, tracked her down and coaxed Martin to sing backup on her Rockabilly Filly album. In 2006, Flores produced this session, hoping to spark a Martin revival, but a few months later Martin was diagnosed with cancer and died. This album makes her passing doubly tragic, because she was still in full command of her powerful vocals; the songs here are brimming over with life, love, and irrepressible humor. Martin loved rockabilly, and the set list spans the genre's lifeline from the '50s to the 2010s. "Wham Bam Jam," a Ronnie Dawson tune from 1994, would have been scandalous in the '50s, but it sounds almost innocently sexy here, with Martin belting out the lyric with plenty of sass while Dave Biller's rockabilly guitar and T. Jarrod Bonta's honky tonk piano propel the tune into overdrive. Other scorchers include "It'll Be Me," a Jack Clement tune fist cut by Jerry Lee Lewis, "I Believe What You Say," the Dorsey Burnette tune made popular by Ricky Nelson, and "Roll Around Rockin,'' featuring an Elvis-inspired vocal full of glowing, slurred notes. Martin shows her range on the Blasters' bluesy "Long White Cadillac" a midtempo groove with a mournful, understated vocal and a gripping take on the Don Gibson/Patsy Cline standard "Sweet Dreams" that'll send chills down your spine. She closes with "Walk Softly On This Heart of Mine," a slow-burning cover of a Bill Monroe classic that shows off her love of R&B.

1 As Long As I'm Movin' 3:18
2 Wham Bam Jam 2:27
3 Long White Cadillac 3:23
4 Wild One (Real Wild Child) 2:30
5 It'll Be Me 3:02
6 Sweet Dreams 3:44
7 Find Out What's Happening 2:44
8 I Believe What You Say 2:14
9 Roll Around Rockin' 3:48
10 Oh Lonesome Me 3:10
11 Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine 4:32
release date October 16, 2012 duration 34:50

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    1. Pues se encuentra visible para todo el mundo sobre la bienvenida al blog. Que de paso te invito a leerla.