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miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2018

Memphis Slim • Rockin' The Blues

Review by Bill Dahl
The most complete gathering of Slim's 1958-1959 Vee-Jay output available on disc (16 songs to the even dozen on the Gate of Horn domestic disc) and the best-sounding too. This is the crowning achievement in Memphis Slim's massive legacy -- he delivers his classics one right after another, backed by his unparalleled combo that was anchored by Matt "Guitar" Murphy's startlingly fresh solos. Along with the standbys -- "Messin' Around," "Mother Earth," "Wish Me Well" -- there's the catchy instrumental "Steppin' Out," later covered by Eric Clapton; the romping "What's the Matter," and a blistering "Rockin' the House" where the band nearly sails right out of the studio!

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