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lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2018

Magic Slim • Born On A Bad Sign

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Side A
01.Going Down Slow. 7'17"
02.Born Under A Bad Sign. 6'58"
03.Born In Missouri. 6'40"
Side B
01.Slim's Bump. 3'58"
02.Buddy Buddy Friend. 4'19"
03.Born Down The Bridge. 6'24"
04.Rock Me Baby. 4'55"

Magic Slim - Guitar, Vocals.
Alabama Junior Pettis - Guitar, Vocal (B4).
Nick Holt - Bass.
Douglas Holt - Drums.

Release Date: 1977
Genre: Blues
Styles: Electric Chicago Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Regional Blues, Soul-Blues
Recording Date: November 9, 1976

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