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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2018

Organiac • Gididad

A mixture of jazz, soul, funk and pop, close to the pulse of jazz, exactly the right mixtures of stomach, heart and intellect.
It is more than 70 years ago that the American engineer Laurens Hammond presented his new invention: the Hammond Organ. Soon it was used in the light music, by solo entertainers in cinemas, cafes and hotel restaurants, but also in jazz. Shirley Scott, Jimmy Smith (here called 'Orgel-Schmidt') and Larry Young were the musicians who provided a grooving organ sound, mainly in the Soul Jazz era in the 1960s. Today musicians as Dr. Lonnie Smith, Sam Yahel, Jimmy McGriff and sometimes Joey deFrancesco, Larry Goldings and John Medeski strike up a tune on the Hammond B 3 Organ. In Germany the outstanding figures are Barbara Dennerlein and Matthias BA tzel, who commented on the 'Organiac'-CD:
'In the long tradition of organ jazz there is a line which is - without any fear - getting involved in the grooves and songs of pop music. Exactly there begins 'Organiac', and its music is close to the pulse of jazz. Influences from soul, funk and pop are integrated organically into the band sound. Exactly the right mixtures of stomach, heart and intellect, which makes this music so attractive.'
The trio 'Organiac' was founded by organ player Peter Adamietz in 2005, with excellent musicians from the still remarkably good Nuremberg jazz scene. Now the piano and vibraphone player Peter Adamietz (he studied at the Hochschule fA r Musik Nuremberg-Augsburg) belongs the clear circle of young German jazz organists. A concert with Matthias BA tzel had fascinated him and had led him to the
organ. Adamietz played, among others, with the band 'Buddy And the Huddle', with singer Doro Pesch (Warlock) and with Helmut Kagerer and Lutz HA fner. Another current project of Peter Adamietz is the group 'Supersoft' with Lutz HA fner and Tobias Weidinger (tp). Guitar player Andreas BlA ml is one of the chracters in the Nuremberg jazz scene. The most demanded musician works with Till BrA nner, Diane Schuur, Barbara Dennerlein, Wolfgang Haffner, Benny Bailey, David Friedman, John Pizzarelli and Tony Lakatos. After his album '…Drei, Vier...' (J4E 4717) in 1993 it is now his second appearence in the J4E catalogue. Drummer Jens Liebau got known with groups of pianist Rainer Tempel, with the band 'Modern WalkinA ' and with his big band.

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Gididad - 7:17
Mad Bed - 5:15
My Roof Is on Fire - 5:15
Hot Dog - 6:06
Two Weeks in L. A. - 6:28
Hello Miss Puffpeng - 7:00
Getatable - 5:52
Chachic - 4:39

Peter Adamietz (hammond b 3 organ)
Andreas BlA ml (g)
Jens Liebau (dr)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Beyerlein at, Nurenberg, August 2006

Genre: Fusion / Jazz-Rock
Origin: Germany
Released: 2007

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