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sábado, 19 de mayo de 2018

Marva Whitney • It's My Thing

Corista y vocalista de James Brown esta dama del funk y funky, poco conocida en países de habla hispana, es lo más parecido al mísmísimo James, en versión femenina.


Like any disc produced by James Brown and featuring the mighty JB's as a backing group, It's My Thing is a stone-cold funky record. Marva Whitney sang in the James Brown Revue from 1967 to 1969, and in 1969 she released this record. Not only did Brown produce but he wrote or co-wrote most of the tracks and it basically sounds like a James Brown record with a female singer. A tough, aggressive female singer. Marva sounds like she could take any comers and leave them shaking in their go-go boots. From the opening blast of "It's My Thing, Pt. 1 and "Pt. 2," a rewrite of the Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing, she shouts, exhorts, wails, and basically lets it all hang out as the band lays down groove after groove. Thankfully after four exhausting tracks, Marva slows it down with "If You Love Me," an Otis Redding-style broken-hearted ballad. After an instrumental break she jumps right back into the funky fray with "Unwind Yourself," which features a classic horn line and some gritty vocalizing from Marva. The rest of the record follows this pattern of a couple of stompers and a ballad. The highlight of the record is "I'm Tired I'm Tired I'm Tired (Things Better Change Before It's Too Late)," a funky (yes, every track on this disc is funky) lament that details just how tired Marva is of society putting her down. Check out Brown going wild in the background about halfway through the song. The disc has five bonus tracks added to the original album, including the slow-burning "I Made a Mistake Because It's Only You, Pts. 1 & 2" and a duet with James Brown on "Sunny." This is a great record and it is a pity that it is on such a tiny label and not one of the major reissue labels, because Marva deserves wider recognition. By all means seek this one out.

1. It's My Thing (Part 1)
2. It's My Thing (Part 2)
3. Things Got To Get Better (Get Together)
4. What Kind Of Man
5. If You Love Me
6. In The Middle (Instrumental)
7. Unwind Yourself
8. You Got To Have A Job (If You Don't Work, You Can't Eat)
9. I'll Work It Out
10. Get Out Of My Life
11. I'm Tired I'm Tired I'm Tired (Things Better Change Before)
12. Shades Of Brown (Instrumental)
13. I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You (Part 1)
14. I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You (Part 2)
15. What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You
16. He's The One
17. This Girl's In Love With You
18. Sunny (Duet With James Brown)

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  1. Any chance for a re-up on this one? My old LP is a scratchy flea market find.

  2. Question: just opened this up (Zippy, yeah!) and found the LP sides 1-12, which is fine, but wondering what the remaining tracks on your list were from? An extended CD version? Other LPs? Just curious.

    1. The weekend I look at another collection of files if I have that version of the disc. Cheers