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martes, 27 de marzo de 2018

Jimmy Mcgriff & Groove Holmes • Giants Of The Organ In Concers - Live At Paul's Mall

1.The Preacher's Tune (11:05)
2.Bean's (6:47)
3.Mozambique (15:52)
4.Closing Theme (2:32)
5.Brown Bread (9:45)
6.Talk To Me (10:52)
7.Boston Whaler (12:52)
8.Chopper (8:53)

Hammond B3 - Jimmy McGriff , Groove Holmes
Batería - Mike Moss
Guitarras - Leon Cook , Mark Elf , O'Donel Levy
Percusión - Kwasi Jayourba

Correctly balanced stereo equiptment will have Jimmy McGriff and O'Donel Levy on the left speaker (izq); Groove Holmes and Mark Elf on the right (der) speaker.

This file is intended only for preview!
I ask you to delete the file from your hard drive after reading it.
thank for the original uploader

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