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sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

Vibraphonic • On A Roll

Review by Leo Stanley
Vibraphonic's third album, On a Roll, finds the post-acid-jazz combo upping the groove quotient, resulting in their smoothest, funkiest and best record to date. While their jazz inclinations are downplayed, they have never displayed a sharper dance sense or better songcraft, particularly on the shimmering instrumentals "One for the Road" and "Keep on Moving," or the vocal cuts "Wherever You Are" and "Nothing Comes Close."

1 The Rough With The Smooth 5:12
2 Read My Mind 4:54
3 Why Do You Treat Me This Way 5:11
4 Living On The Edge 5:07
5 Nothing Comes Close 4:22
6 On A Roll 6:47
7 (It´s A) Vibe Vibe 5:27
8 Hit The Floor 4:49
9 Wherever You Are 5:25
10 One For The Road 4:40
11 Keep On Movin` 5:26

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