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domingo, 11 de febrero de 2018

James Brown Presents His Band & More Greats Artists • Night Train

A1    James Brown –      Hold It        
A2    James Brown –      Scratch        
A3    James Brown –      Night Train        
A4    Wobblers, The –  The Wobble        
A5    James Brown –      Night Flying        
A6    Herb Hardesty –  Just A Little Bit Of Everything        
B1    Henry Moore –      Doin' Everything        
B2    James Brown –      Suds        
B3    Hank Marr –      Tonk Game        
B4    Henry Moore –      Switch-A-Roo        
B5    Clifford Scott – Bushy Tail        
B6    James Brown –      Cross Firing

Label: King Records  – 771
Released: 1961
Genre:Funk / Soul

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