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domingo, 4 de febrero de 2018

Frank Vignola • Gypsy Jazz Swing

An extremely versatile jazz guitarist, Frank Vignola has demonstrated that he is capable of playing everything from fusion and commercial pop-jazz to hard bop, post-bop, and swing. The native New Yorker has a wide variety of influences; everyone from Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Pat Metheny to Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian has affected his playing in some way. For Vignola, different influences have asserted themselves at different times -- the Reinhardt or Christian influence might be especially prominent in a swing environment, whereas he has sometimes sounded more Metheny-ish in fusion or pop-jazz/NAC settings. And he might be mindful of Montgomery or Pass on a hard bop or post-bop project. Born on suburban Long Island on December 30, 1965, Vignola was raised in the New York area. The Italian-American started playing the guitar at the age of five and grew up admiring a variety of guitarists. Far from a jazz snob, Vignola never listened to jazz exclusively and was also a major fan of rock, R&B, and pop. The guitarists that he admired ranged from jazz musicians to rock icons like Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen. As a young adult, Vignola studied at the Cultural Arts Center of Long Island and went on to enjoy a lot of sideman gigs in the 1980s. The New Yorker was 27 when, in 1993, he signed with Concord Jazz and recorded his first Concord session as a leader, Appel Direct. Several more Concord releases followed in the 1990s, and the early 2000s found Vignola recording for Nagel-Heyer as well as Acoustic Disc. ~ Alex Henderson

1 - Jammin' My Way 01:18
2 - Hot Lights 01:30
3 - Don't Mess with Us 01:23
4 - No More Time 01:17
5 - Looking Ahead 01:17
6 - Junkin' Joe 01:39
7 - Frankly Swinging 01:11
8 - Familiar Face 01:19
9 - Breezy Day 01:05
10 - We're on Our Way 01:20
11 - Broken Dreams 01:25
12 - My Favorite You 01:40
13 - A Simple Affair 01:30
14 - Town to Town 01:43
15 - Strolling Together 01:42
16 - Told You So 01:28
17 - Groove Thang 01:35
18 - Thinking of Her 01:18


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