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lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

Harry Babasin & The Jazz Pickers • For Moderns Only

Harry Babasin - cello
Buddy Collette - flute
Don Overberg - guitar
Bob Harrington - vibes & drums
Bill Douglas - drums

1.Bebe (2:13)
2.When You Love Someone (2:46)
3.Influtration (3:07)
4.I'll Remember April (4:15)
5.I Married An Angel (2:53)
6.Yardbird Suite (2:47)
7.R.H. Factor (2:24)
8.Easy Pickin's (3:09)
9.Rap-Scallion (2:08)
10.Don't Worry About Me (2:38)
11.Monti-Cello (2:23)
12.Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie (1:56)

Label: EmArcy / Mercury - MG-36111

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