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lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

Slim Harpo • Buzzin' The Blues - The Complete Slim Harpo #5

Disc: 5
1. Star Time (Set 1: Theme and Introduction)
2. Hold Me Tenderly (Live)
3. Little Liza Jane (Live Set 1)
4. I'm a King Bee (Live Set 1)
5. Buzzin' (Live)
6. I Got Love If You Want It (Live Set 1)
7. You Know I Love You (Live)
8. Lottie Mo (Live)
9. Everybody Needs Somebody (Live)
10. Big Boss Man (Live)
11. I'll Take Care of You (Live)
12. Boogie Chillun (Live)
13. Moody Blues (Live Instrumental)
14. Sugar Coated
15. Love (Live)
16. Last Night (Live)
17. Matilda (Live with Unknown Vocalist)
18. Talk to Me Baby (Live with Unknown Vocalist)
19. Star Time (Set 2: Theme and Introduction)
20. I'm a King Bee (Live Set 2)
21. I Don't Play (Live)
22. I Got Love If You Want It (Live Set 2)
23. Little Liza
24. Jane (Live Set 2)
25. When the Saints Go Marchin' in (Live)
26. Rainin' in My Heart (Live)

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