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martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery • Further adventures of Jimmy and Wes

Wes Montgomery
Jimmy Smith
Ray Barretto
Grady Tate
Jimmy Maxwell
Joe Newman
Ernie Royal
Clark Terry
Jimmy Cleveland
Melba Liston
Tony Studd
Bob Ashton
Danny Bank
Jerry Dodgion
Jerome Richardson
Phil Woods
Richard Davis

01. King Of The Road [0:04:13.23]
02. Maybe September [0:06:24.60]
03. Road Song [0:06:08.30]
04. Call Me [0:03:13.50]
05. Milestones [0:04:12.02]
06. Mellow Mood [0:08:44.53]
07. 'Round Midnight [0:07:18.70]

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