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miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

Prado Blues Band • Blues & Swing

Igor Prado (guitar, vocals)
Yuri Prado (drums)
Ivan Márcio (harmonica & vocals)
Marcos Klis (bass)
Special guests:
Flávio Naves, Adriano Grineberg, Nuno Mindelis, Steve Guyger
Jamie Wood, Johnny Rover, J.J Jackson, Enrico Crivellaro

01. At the party
02. Bye bye baby
03. Vicky
04. PB Boogie
05. Honeysuckle Rose
06. Those lonely nights
07. Little boy
08. Every night and every day
09. I've had my fun
10. Blues for mother Alice
11. Goodbye goodbye blues
12. They call me little devil
13. Jamming with Crivellaro

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