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jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 17 • Bongoland

From Amazon:
This Bongoland volume is the most rigorous of the Ultra-Lounge series. Most of the series
has strong latin elements, but this one is further latin than any of the others. Its the
only one that sounds like North Americans didn't make, at least not on their own (which is
in no way a criticism of the ones that 'do' sound North American made). It is the most spontaneous sounding, though still in keeping with the polished/composed approach of the Ultra-Lounge series.

There are 18 listed tracks PLUS little unlisted solo bongo interludes spotted thru-out.
There is alot of variety. Each melody is distinctive, and there are tempo-changes all over the place. The rhythm is so successfull at fulfilling the expectations that a title like Bongoland, brings. But, as in all Ultra-Lounge CDs, it's never just one instrument taking
the limelight. As long as you realize that the bongos aren't always in the foreground
(except for the interludes), you won't be disappointed.

01. Terry Snyder - Deep Night / Softly As in a Morning Sunrise
02. Jack Costanzo - Latin Fever
03. Leo Arnaud - Taboo
04. Joe Loco - Nightmare
05. Martin Denny - On Green Dolphin Street / Hernando's Hideaway
06. Eliott Fisher - Dr. No's Fantasy
07. The Latin Jazz Sextet - A Night in Tunisia
08. Les Baxter & Billy May - Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
09. Al Caiola - Bernie's Tune
10. Tino Contreras - Brazil
11. Dick Hyman - Caravan
12. Jack Costanzo - The Inchworm
13. Nick Perito - Misirlou / Quien Sera
14. Martin Denny - Young Savages
15. Les Baxter - Balinese Bongos
16. Laurindo Almeida and The Danzaneros - Club Caballeros
17. Joe Loco - Moderna Muchacha
18. Jack Costanzo - La Cumparsa / Harlem Nocturne
19. The Savage Beat Of Augie Colon - Colon

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