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viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017

Nico Brina • That's My Way [30 Years - The Jubilee Sessions]

01. All Shook Up
02. Charlie's Boogie
03. She's the One and Only
04. Intermezzo Boogie No.1
05. That's My Way
06. It Hurts Me as Soon as You're Gone
07. TV Commercial Love
08. Check out Baby
09. Intermezzo Boogie No.2
10. Buzz Me
11. Barrel of Monkeys
12. Tip of My Tongue
13. Intermezzo Boogie No.3
14. Steam Roller Boogie
15. Rock Baby Rock
16. Blues with a Feeling
17. Bye Bye Song

Release: 2015
Label: Stormy Monday Records
Genre: rock and roll, piano blues
Total Time: 00:53:02

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